Storm Chases

More Chase Opportunities in June!

Come along with us as we hunt for severe thunderstorms this spring and summer. We’ll be photographing and video recording severe thunderstorms for basic research that will be correlated with data operational forecasters use.

The Area We Cover
We go where the storms are – from Texas to North Dakota, from Colorado and Wyoming to Illinois. This area usually gives us great visibility both because of the clarity of the air and the wide open spaces. Kansas will be the starting point for most chase weeks, but our base will vary with the weather.

Rules of Engagement
Our goal is to stay a safe distance from the storm. We are looking for storms which produce large hail, tornadoes and straight line winds. We give these storms a lot of respect because they are dangerous and because of the type of damage they inflict; we’re not interested in risking lives. Keep in mind that there is a lot of risk involved.

We’ll walk you through the evolution of storms while they develop – a classroom on the road. Each morning will start with a briefing on the day’s weather. We’ll fill you in on the details as the day progresses and finish the day with a debriefing. Each trip is a shared experience, so we encourage everyone to interact.

We’ll be doing some research while we’re chasing, too.

Check out these storm photos from chases in Japan and the U.S.

If we have a day that offers no hope of thunderstorms, we’ll continue the “classroom on the road” and show you more about meteorology in real-time — while providing you with fantastic photo opportunities.

Join Us
We’ll provide the expertise to locate the storms. We provide the transportation or, if you prefer, you can provide your own.

It’s a Learning Experience!
We’ll start the day with a weather briefing, possibly as early as 6am (depending on how far we’ll be traveling), chart the route and then head out. We’ll let you know ahead of time when we’ll meet for the weather briefing. Often, when there will be plenty of activity within 250 miles of our base, we won’t have to start out until 9am.

Chase Days
Choose the block of days when you want to chase with us. We may travel 600 miles or more each day, depending on the weather conditions. Where we stay on a given night depends on what the weather looks like for the next day, so plan on long days.

Our 2014 chase trips
We plan to start our 2014 chase season in April and wind down in July.

If you are flexible, you can also chase with us on an “on-call” basis. We’ll give you a heads-up 1 to 2 days in advance of a chase so you can choose whether or not to join us. Space is limited and available on a first come, first served basis May 15 to August 15.

Use the form below to let us know about your interest in chasing “on call”. The cost is $375 per day (includes the ride-along with us, lunch and dinner). There is a non-refundable registration fee of $125 to put you on the call list (the registration fee is applied to the per day chase fee).

The cost of a motel/hotel room and lunch is included in our fee. You are responsible for the cost of breakfast and dinner. Lunch is often on the run and may consist of box lunches, gas station fare, truck stops or fast food.

We recommend that you pack light.

The 2014 Cost
We charge $1500 per person, non-refundable, storm or no storm, for a five day chase tour. Dates are confirmed when a deposit of $500 is received. The balance is due before we leave on our first day.

Chase Options Per Person